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ROCK BAND Nation stand up, it's your main man on the MIC RiNickulous here with the insider Rock Band Live tour scoop. The shows continue to excite, electrify and engage crowds on the third quarter of the interactive music experience that is Rock Band Live!

While the city, climate and time zone are constantly changing, the thrill of each show has been constant. Rock Band Live never fails to deliver the best of memories and music. Halloween was a ton of fun, with the peak of the holiday spirit on stage. I dressed up as "The Party Patriot" since we were at George Mason University and their mascot is the Patriot. The CAB, painted their faces black and white, The Plain White T's were creative with their custom-made costumes and Panic at the Disco sang their Halloween song, which was accompanied with a video they shot while on the road. Panic also showered the crowd with candy to ensure the complete Halloween experience.

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